Marisa Manley

Since 1989, Ms. Manley has handled over $1.5 billion of transactions nationwide, and over $3 billion of consulting assignments – exclusively for space users.  Read more. 

James D. Barras
Senior Transaction Manager

With more than 30 years of experience negotiating complex real estate transactions, James Barras has handled all phases  of corporate domestic and international leasing, site acquisition & zoning and real estate portfolio management.  Read more.


Bruce Bloch
Transaction Advisor

Mr. Bloch worked for two Fortune 100 companies for more than 30 years−Ogden Corporation and then Deutsche Bank AG (formerly Bankers Trust Company). Read more.


Ian Cleator
Senior Director

A recent analysis Cleator conducted and implemented helped one client save $2 million over a four-year period on a commercial lease. Read more.



Robert K. Pierce
Project Manager

Mr. Pierce brings an extensive background to CTRR  which enables him to effectively manage each project by  balancing our clients' needs and wants within their schedules  and budgets. Read more.