In addition to its expertise in the needs of office space users, CTRR has specialized expertise with technically-demanding space including tissue-culture labs, wet chemical labs, R&D facilities and broadcasting facilities.

CTRR routinely reduces real estate costs by more than 30% and generates savings up to 12 times our fee. 

For example:

  • In a consolidation – 16 locations into one – CTRR saved our client $35 million
  • We negotiated a transaction that cut a tenant’s real estate costs by almost 50% -- with no less space

CTRR is 100% free from conflict-of-interest in the real estate market.  We provide candid advice wholly dedicated to helping space users find, create and structure real estate commitments which best suits their needs – not  the space a landlord needs to fill or a seller wishes to get rid of.  We then negotiate transactions to provide maximum flexibility for business operations and lowest costs. 

CTRR reduces risk because we provide continuity in every phase of the lease, lease renewal, purchase or  disposition your company undertakes.  We help executives understand, select, and manage the specialized advisors,  including architects, engineers, and contractors, who come and go.  This assures that your company’s business objectives remain foremost, and that critical information is transmitted effectively from one phase of a complex project to the next.        

CTRR frees your management team to focus on your business.   CTRR insulates executives from the distractions of the real estate process and delivers bottom-line results.  CTRR is nimble, discrete and responsive.  A high degree of principal involvement and staffing by senior-level consultants assure that your real estate needs will be treated like our own.