“ …CTRR’s “client’s only” approach of using market competition between property owners to negotiate better rates and lease terms has saved ATMI millions of dollars in fixed operating costs.” 
Director, Risk Management, ATMI

              “CTRR are exceptional negotiators and that’s coming from someone who has done a  lot of real estate negotiating.  There is a big advantage to having CTRR handle the negotiations due to their expertise in every aspect of the process including the build out.  CTRR offers a whole suite of value-added services that don’t wind up costing you anything additionally.  I’ve worked on many real estate transactions and negotiated for hundreds of thousands of feet in my career.  In my experience, CTRR is by far the best at what they do.”              CEO,Co-owner, Ultimate Medical Academy

  “ ... My deepest appreciation for your services was the skill, thoroughness and persistence that you displayed in negotiating the lease . . . You brought about a win-win result that will protect us over the course of the lease.”
COO, Cox Communications

    “You brought an extraordinary combination of skills and experience to the negotiation table and our position was superbly supported by the facts and the data.  As a result, Cadbury Schweppes will benefit from over $2 million in savings over the original lease renewal terms and $300,000 on landlord paid facility improvements.”
V.P. R&D Cadbury Schweppes

   “You helped us develop a strategic plan . . and then laid out a reasonable timetable that allowed us to explore all possible solutions . . The most beneficial step was the analysis you provided us to really determine the most feasible site.”
Sr. V. P., Aeropostale

  ▪  “You gave us well-honed advice that our counterparties did not expect.”
CEO, Wall Street Concepts

   ▪  “CTRR has served us well in Chicago, Boston, Long Island, Purchase (New York), Kansas City, and San Ramon (California)…We appreciate the fact that CTRR helps protect our interests from the very beginning of a transaction all the way through – from helping to assess how much space may really be needed, to developing and carrying out a 100% pro-tenant strategy…We’d certainly recommend CTRR to other commercial tenants.”
V.P. and General Counsel, IntegraMed

 ▪  “Through detailed lease negotiations at three different buildings, even when time        was tight and we were under pressure, CTRR never cut corners to ‘get the deal done’;    you pushed for the terms that would keep costs low and protect IntegraMed for the       long-term.”
President of Fertility Centers, IntegraMed

  ▪   “CTRR has been there every step of the way, guiding me, researching things, or merely providing opinions… I have recommended that AmeriPath utilize CTRR for future endeavors, would not ever consider using any other firm myself, and will enthusiastically recommend you to anyone who should ask me.”
Managing Director, AmeriPath

      “I cannot imagine having gone through this process without you.  First, you made it your business to truly understand what was important to CBLPath.  Second, you didn’t waste my time.  Third, you provided the most expert analysis one could ever hope for in respect to our options.  Finally, you conducted the most knowledge-based, intensive round of lessor/lessee negotiations that I have ever witnessed in my 30 years of business experience. We now have the right facility at the right price and on exceptional terms.”
Chairman and CEO, CBLPath